Mergers & Acquisitions

These transactions are pivot points in the lives of companies. We represent our clients in the full range of purchase and disposition matters, from small asset acquisitions designed to complement existing lines of business, to mergers among equals in which a new company is reorganized and capitalized, to sale of the business transactions realizing liquidity on a venture to which owners have dedicated years of their lives.  Experience matters, not only in structuring the transaction in view of tax and liability limitation goals, but to ensure that the many documents involved in such a transaction are integrated and carefully reviewed.

We typically staff mergers and acquisitions with a senior lawyer and an experienced paralegal to handle administrative matters. When necessary, we bring in additional expertise, such as tax and anti-trust specialists, whom we have selected for their responsiveness and knowledge in the area at issue. 

We do not hand off your transaction to a junior lawyer – we don’t have any. The lawyer handling the sale of your company is likely to be the same lawyer who handled your financings and contracts, and who therefore already understands your legal needs and structures. This approach not only ensures that an experienced eye remains focused on the transaction, but that costs are contained and remain in line with the size of the transaction.

 The fact is that the traditional law firm staffing model – partner, senior associate, junior associate and paralegal – is simply not economic for many transactions.  We offer an alternative approach that can handle the $1 million asset acquisition as well as the $100 million company sale with the highest level of expertise and service, but without excess staffing or disproportionate legal costs.

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