Contracts and IP Licensing

A company’s contracts, together with its charter documents, make up its legal anatomy. It is important not only that your contracts establish the commercial basis on which products and services are provided and acquired, but that they apportion liability risks in an appropriate manner. With our decades of experience as business lawyers, we are able to identify the critical issues that require direct attention. We recognize that most commercial agreements do not require extended negotiations over issues that matter only to the lawyers. At the same time, our goal in reviewing contracts is to make sure there are no hidden liability or indemnity surprises and that your venture’s legal framework reflects commercially reasonable standards.

We specialize in intellectual property licensing, both in-bound and out-bound, which presents particular legal issues regarding scope of use as well as protecting the confidentiality and control with respect to our clients’ critical assets. We regularly represent our clients in large Software as Service (SaaS) deals that are becoming the norm in this area. We also handle software escrow agreements and other contracts that are part of the landscape for realizing value from intellectual property.

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